dubsmash challenge in Khandevaneh


These nights he is the voice of an interesting and loveable doll called “Jenab Khaan” in the show Khandevaneh of Rambod Javan. Some people might love to know that who the voice is.

Of his activities, Kolah Qermezi (The voice of Baba’ee and Mr. Hamsadeh) and Ostad Hamechi doon, can be mentioned. His last job was at the voice of Jenab Khaan in Khandevaneh.

Bohrani is an BA graduate of acting from University of Tehran and an MA holder of directing from the Tarbiat Modares University. He entered television since 1380 and most of his works were for children and by dolls. Bohrani’s interest in doll shows started from doll theatre festivals in university. He had some experience in this area, as time passed he became more interested. In 1380, Maryam Sa’adat, who was a judge of one of these festivals, found his work interesting and invited him to work in a television show. It was there where his activities got a more serious color. Most of his work has been in the children and doll genre since 1380.

He also played in the movie “Tabaqe-ye Hassas” directed by Kamal Tabrizi as an actor.

When you sit face to face with him, he will seem more serious than you imagined. The voice of a popular doll such as Baba’ee and Mr. Hamsade, is now here with a violet doll who has become very famous these days and makes people happy with his nightly signings. Yes, Jenab Khaan along with Mohammad Bohrani and Hamed Zabihi and Mehdi Borqa’ee (his two movers). Read our chit chat with him to get to know Jenab Khaan more.


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