Feriyal in Antalia concert


Feriyal was born in Rasht, she has loved singing as long as she can remember, and always believes this interest is due to her mother’s lullaby. She says that the moment she felt the joy of singing, she never felt anything as good. This singing continued in family and friend gatherings.

As she tasted  the sweetness of singing, she tried to continue it more seriously by holding concerts for women. until she recorded a couple of songs in iran, one of which became viral in Gol-e Yas women music festival.

Feriyal has studied computer sciences. She achieved championship in aerobic and joined the aerobics national team and attended in Belgrade international competitions. After gaining two goals championship medals of Iran two years in a row, she immigrated to Australia to follow her dream of singing.

She became candidate for best female actor in The Dawn film festival by playing in the movie Sydney.

She has had multiple performances in Australia and is currently studying Contemporary Music.


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