How To Dress Like The Girl All The Guys Want


No, this isn’t an article about how yoga pants are the best thing ever (kind of are, though). This isn’t an article about how dudes love a woman in a bikini because it’s basically just your underwear (kind of true, though). And no, I’m not saying we just want you to be naked all of the time (kind of do, though).

All of those things appeal to the seual desire men have for women, which is fine, but despite the wrap we get (perhaps deservingly so), there are things men love to see women wear that have absolutely nothing to do with 3e.

And these outfits, accessories, etc, are things you’re going to want to know because, upon first impression, if you can pique a guy’s interest in a way that is nonsexual, you have already increased your chances of forging a real connection with someone outside of one that is purely seual. So if you’re a woman who is looking for a man — not a man with benefits — don’t immediately start amping your s3z appeal to lure in the wrong guys whose romantic desires don’t align with yours.

Try wearing something as simple as one of these things below and lure the RIGHT guy in for the RIGHT reasons.


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