Interview With Behnoosh Bakhtiari


Behnoosh Bakhtiari has ”Bachelor of translating” degree  In French language . Her favorite music is classical , And She’s interested in  the voice of pop singers  Such As   Reza Sadeghi , Nasser Abdollahi and Maziar Fallahi . She Dosen’t Like Rap and Hip Hop Music , She loves traveling . She was a quiet girl  in the her Childhood And She has interested in to be a Stewardess .

She Married with Mohammadreza Arian and is Very satisfied of her life. Behnoosh Bakhtiari Says about her cosmetic surgery : ” Once upon a time in my youth I had a big mistake . and the reason of that mistake  was lack of confidence. my nose was well-proportioned in my face .  I never thought to be an actress and I am regretful now for Rhinoplasty .

Cosmetic surgery is a risk . What God created in the world Ideally ,we should not change it. Like yourself and your own face . For everything , principle of it is better . Certainly the majority of people , These Days Do Cusmetic Surgery . And among the various actors and  actresses and the general public, there is a lot of operation . I’m not the only actress  who have done cosmetic surgery , There are actors and actresses who say we have not done Cosmetic surgery But I honestly say I’ve done Cosmetic surgery  and I am regretful now .


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