Javad Zarif interview with Reza rashidpour


The show did dar shab is to be broadcasted every week from Aparat vide sharing platform in the style of Hard Talk.

Sohreh news agency reports, Reza Rashidpoor explains about this show: It’s been years that difficulties exist for the virtual world, and the source is that no content is created for it, the whole space is filled with grade 2 and 3 content. It takes time for any technology that enters our lives to become routine and for us to master and use correctly. If we have had a hard show, it’s time to have a hard talk. A real hard talk without any formalities. In short, people would wait to hear or see things they have never heard of in Did dar shab, and we will have a very great surprise for them.

Rashidpoor also explained about content and guests of this show: The show will totally content based and the star of the show will be discussion and we want to implement the real hard talk show which has a lot of fans and have never had in Iran.


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