Persian Wedding


While all weddings are a joyous occasion, a Persian wedding is an entirely different experience. Persian weddings are full of old customs and traditions, mixed with modern touches; creating a unique experience for the guests. If you’ve never attended a Persian wedding, this guide will give you a glimpse into these lavish celebrations.

The first thing to consider when attending a Persian wedding is the dress code. The attire at these weddings is usually very formal.  The men wear suits and ties while the women wear exquisite gowns with fully done hair and make-up and dripping in their finest jewelry.  Weddings are considered the ultimate party, so the attendees will be sure to arrive in their best and most extravagant attire.

Next, you should brace yourself for the crowd. Persian weddings usually consist of a very large number of guests. This includes the couple’s families, extended families, friends, and almost any acquaintances.  Because it may be considered rude to not invite someone such as a neighbor that one rarel

y ever sees, almost everyone the couple or their families know are invited.  However, the first part of the Persian wedding, called the “Aghd” is solely reserved for close family and friends. The Aghd, which is usually conducted around the Sofreh Aghd, is the legal part of the marriage ceremony and is the time when the couple exchanges their I-do’s and rings.


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