TV Presenter Fuzzy Announces “I’m Gay”


TV Presenter Faustino ‘Fuzzy’ Agolley has announced that she is gay.

Celebrating her 31st birthday, the former ‘Video Hits’ presenter posted a picture of herself cutting a rainbow cake to her website and social media channels, alongside a declaration of her seuality.

Since finishing her 5 year stint on ‘Video Hits’ the TV presenter and DJ has been the social media commentator for ‘The Voice’ and a regualar panelist on the ABC program ‘Q&A’.

As black as my skin, as Chinese as my blood, and as Australian and British are my nationalities, I’m also a proud Gay Woman.

Most importantly though, I’m a happy human being.

In her blog post Agolley described the trip to find her s3uality was a long road that was not always scenic.

She credited finding ‘a tribe’ of women of character who inspired her as an important part of her journey.