2 Ways to Honor Late Loved Ones at Your Wedding


Whether you’ve experienced a death in the family shortly before your wedding, or you wish to honor your great-great-grandparents who passed many years ago, there are plenty of ways to pay your respects to late loved ones throughout your wedding day. For parents who have passed away, brides and grooms often leave a chair at the ceremony empty in their loving memory, or they may incorporate a family heirloom into their wedding ensemble.

Speeches during the ceremony or reception pay tribute to loved ones beautifully – but be sure to have tissues or an embroidered handkerchief ready. Play your loved one’s favorite song at the reception, or choose a color palette that you know they’d love.

Each relationship is different, and therefore, there are hundreds of ways to pay respect to deceased loved ones at your wedding. The important thing to remember is: it should be special and unique to you. Take a look at 15 ideas below, all of which showcase examples from real brides and grooms. No matter how you choose to commemorate those who are no longer with us, the beauty of paying tribute to late loved ones is that they will be there with you, joyously celebrating your big day, in spirit.

1. Wear Her Wedding Dress

2. Carry a Family Heirloom


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